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Jon Shive



A Bit About Me

Jon Shive is a native of North Carolina. He graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s in Applied Linguistics in 2015 and East Carolina University in 1993 with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education with minor in Interpreting for the Deaf. Jon has been interpreting since 1989. He holds the RID CI and CT certifications, plus an EIPA: 5. He has had the pleasure of teaching ASL and ASL/English interpreting since 1999 in several Interpreter Training Programs. He is the co-author, with Brian Cerney, of “Processing and Receiving Fingerspelling and Numbers” and “Processing Time: Developing the Interpreter Muscle” Jon's experiences have included educational, freelance, platform, theater, medical/mental health, vacation and video relay interpreting and video remote interpreting. 


Jon has been a membership with RID and GA, NC and FL; Affiliate chapters of RID, The American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA), and The Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). He has also served on the Board of Directors for NCRID and GaRID. He also served a almost 10 year tenure as the Mentorship Chairperson for the GaRID Mentorship Program, where he established, implemented and ran the program for the membership. He also has been licensed in in: Ga, Az, Ct, Id, Mi and Mo.


Jon was a full time faculty member at Georgia Perimeter College’s Sign Language Interpreting Program for 10 years. He is currently an adjunct instructor at Georgia State University’s Program, where he enjoys working with students to achieve their best. He is continuing his freelance interpreting practice and video remote interpreting. He lives with his 3 year of pit bull, Ruckus and her new baby brother Rowdy, who are definitely keeping him busy. 

Work Experience

September 1989 - Present

January 1998 - Present

Freelance Interpreter, Independent Contractor

Sign Language Interpreter: Facilitate communication between Deaf clients and hearing consumers. Contract with agencies: Working in a variety of settings; education, business, community, stage, conference, vacation, medical, mental health, Video Remote Interpreting and Video Relay Services.

Faculty Instructor

Sign Language Interpreting Program

Teach ASL and Interpreting: Focusing on basic communication: expressive and receptive skill, and knowledge of the Deaf Community. Interpreting, English and ASL.

September 2006 - Present

Workshop Presenter

Create, develop, initiate then deliver and facilitate workshops and presentations. Work in various settings; schools, agencies, conferences and colleges on a variety of topics ranging from professional development to ASL linguistics to the interpreting process.

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